Unsigned Tour 2012 Cont.

For those of you who don’t know…  I didn’t make the 2012 Unsigned Tour.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I appreciate your votes and the fact that you took a minute out your busy day to do it.  You have no idea how much it means.

This is not stopping me though.  One drop of rain doesn’t stop a parade and it’s not stopping this one.

I just want to say again “Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

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The Unsigned Tour

You heard the saying, nothing ventured is nothing gained.  Well, I figured I try a few new things.  The first thing so far is The Unsigned Tour.

It’s a great opportunity for unsigned singers, rappers, and bands to get exposure to the industry and the world.  So, take a moment and vote for me at…  Http://theunsignedtour.com/vote.

Thank you in advance!!  You don’t even know how much this is appreciated.  Of course, I’ll keep you updated on what happens.  🙂

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Ever Wanted to help with a film

Have you ever wanted to help with a film?  Well, here comes Darius.

The Story…
(This Film is to bring about awareness of the issue of Criminal Mistaking Identityin the U.S. and the affect that it plays on the community. In the State of Indiana; state Law permits once you were charged with a crime whether found Guilty or Not Guilty, it is un-expungablefrom your criminal background, in a working competitive society this means that your criminal record is up for career discrimination election. Based on a True Story The film  “Darius” a promising future Basketball student Athlete, turned victim of a criminal Mistaking Identity charge, which lands “Darius”in an Indiana State Jail, losing five College scholarships, going to trial being found Not Guilty, and left with the law of un-expugement robbing him from becoming an employable candidate for the working society. Even with this law “Darius”fight’s his way thru life with this law hovering over his head attempts to put a foot forward towards life change and reconcile towards his redemption. Still a hinderance and locks “Darius” away from his future Independence, he scuffle’s thru life on a dollar and a prayer “Darius” takes on the state of Indiana in pursuits from him being prevented from landing a decent job, career or future. The Story of “Darius” brings awareness to the issue of mistaking Identity cases that affect millions around the world and in this odd-case “Darius”.)

To find out more check out Darius at  http://igg.me/p/32534?a=213185&i=shlk.

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