Happy Thanksgiving

Wantin to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Be grateful for what you have and don’t take it for granted.

I’m thankful for my family, friends, fans, my music, and the life I have been giving. I have so many things to name, it would take me a long time to type them all. So, I’m rolling with these few.

Be Blessed and Thanks!!

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I’m an October Baby

It’s officially my Birthday month… October! I’m excited. I celebrate the whole month. So to all the October babies out there…


I’m going to Cali for my b-day this year. So if you’re out that way around the 25th, holla at me.


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As I woke up this morning. I could hear the rain falling onto my roof. The sound was so soothing. It made me relax and want to just lay there.

I got up after a few more minutes. My next thoughts were… God must be doing some cleaning today and giving the earth some water.

Life can bring a lot of toxins your way. It’s not always about the toxins that come towards you but what you do about it. Some toxins you don’t notice and others are obvious.

Can I tell you which ones are what? No. I’m not psychic and have no idea what comes your way. All I can say is pay attention to your surroundings and who and what comes yours way.

Be blessed.

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An Author

In a lot of the movies, you see authors. Their houses or work areas be a mess with papers and scraps of papers everywhere. I didn’t understand why until I seriously started writing and paying attention to what I was doing.

My work area has tons of paper and scraps of paper everywhere. So I guess it’s true, you never know when inspiration will strike.

So you always have to be prepared and ready to write.

That’s a great philosophy for life… Always be prepared to give you what you have to offer. You never know when the chance of a lifetime is right in your face.

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It’s Been a Year-Thank You!!!

Man, time flies. It’s been a little over a year since I decided to pursue music professionally. I’ve come so far. Alot further than I thought I would be. Year 2 is going to be more exciting than the first.

My first single should be out before the end of the year. My website is getting ready to be launched. There’s no telling where I will be seen next. I’m on the move and don’t plan on stopping.

I’m just so excited, I don’t even know what to write right now. I want to Thank all the people who have supported me this far and the people who are starting to. I also want to Thank the people who didn’t support me because whether you do or you don’t you make me better and stronger.

I just want it to be know… You are appreciated!!! 🙂

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